Thursday, 16 November 2017


hi and welcome back to my blog this is my whanau writing

Nana: her name is sari nana has straight black hair and nana has green eyes nana works at the church nana is the pastor and a singer on stage.She is a farmer nana has cows and chickens. She is my dad's mum she had 5 kids that is Ross,tony,Luke,dad and kimberly.

Pop: he has straight light brown hair and blue eyes. he also is the pastor of the church With my nana. pop is a farmer pop has cows and chickens. He is my dad’s dad pop had a dog and a cat but we don’t know what happened to the cat and the dog she fell through the ceiling and he had to put him down.

Dad: he has straight brown hair he has the same color eyes as me. His name is Sam he is a builder dad has a puppy called Zeus he is 4 months old dad is 32 his wife's name is shelley known as mum.

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