Thursday, 16 November 2017

so cute

here is some photos of the puppy sleeping and the puppy so cute and a kitten


hi and welcome back to my blog this is my whanau writing

Nana: her name is sari nana has straight black hair and nana has green eyes nana works at the church nana is the pastor and a singer on stage.She is a farmer nana has cows and chickens. She is my dad's mum she had 5 kids that is Ross,tony,Luke,dad and kimberly.

Pop: he has straight light brown hair and blue eyes. he also is the pastor of the church With my nana. pop is a farmer pop has cows and chickens. He is my dad’s dad pop had a dog and a cat but we don’t know what happened to the cat and the dog she fell through the ceiling and he had to put him down.

Dad: he has straight brown hair he has the same color eyes as me. His name is Sam he is a builder dad has a puppy called Zeus he is 4 months old dad is 32 his wife's name is shelley known as mum.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Art blog post

hi and welcome back to my blog and I  have something you will love it is my art it is an optical illusion if you buy one you get one free it is so cool you need to have one now now now it is soo cool that you can trick people with it when you buy it

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Monday, 11 September 2017

New puppy

hi and welcome back to my blog I am here to tell you about the new puppy. I got on Saturday it is a boy he is a staffi also his name is zoos. He is 2 months old and he is so cute.

here is a photo

Friday, 8 September 2017

how to make spaghetti bouillabaisse

File:Spaghetti Bolognese mit Parmesan oder Grana Padano.jpg ...

 You will need:
500g Mince
1 packet of spaghetti
1 can of tomatoes


  1.  Heat the mince in a pan until brown
  2. Then por in the can of tomatoes in the mince
  3.  Micks until all the mince is covered
  4. Put the lid on to keep warm


  1. Get the spaghetti out
  2. Grab a bot and put some water init
  3. Put the bot on the stove and set it up to 14
  4. Wait till the boil


  1. Tran out the water out of the Spaghetti
  2. Grab the pan that has the mince in it
  3. Take the Spaghetti and pour it in the mince and micks

     4.   Enjoy  

Friday, 11 August 2017


On first week of the holidays it was a Thursday afternoon when mum said we are going to Flip Out. With brigit,macksmis and Noah. When we first got there I was so excited. I first went on the trampoline where you jump into a big pit of soft sponges I went on it 10 times then I climed a small block. Then jumped on a trampoline and into the small sponge pit after that I just went on the trampolines. I tried to get up a big block. I met some kids my age. About 4 of them were up but me and my new friend went on an edge of the trampoline and ran up to the block. Then we jumped. My friends grabbed my arm and tried to pull me up but it did not work. After 5 min we had to go home. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Quick write blog post

 Quick write blog post

Once upon a time there live a little girl and she lived on the tallest mountain in a ice palace. she had ice powers she can make it snow or hail or both it was amazing just amazing. One day when she went for a walk and she meet a mermaid and she was amazied  because she is a mermaid called Jessica Pearl. The mermaid said you know you do not have a name well it is Rebecca Redford and you say your parents died when you were little they are still alive. Where said Rebecca. Here is a map to find your parents so she went home to pack and off she went to find her parents. She asked everyone if they had the last name Redford when she asked these people and their last name was Redford and she said mum dad!  
They lived happily.💋💋