Sunday, 25 June 2017

Quick write blog post

 Quick write blog post

Once upon a time there live a little girl and she lived on the tallest mountain in a ice palace. she had ice powers she can make it snow or hail or both it was amazing just amazing. One day when she went for a walk and she meet a mermaid and she was amazied  because she is a mermaid called Jessica Pearl. The mermaid said you know you do not have a name well it is Rebecca Redford and you say your parents died when you were little they are still alive. Where said Rebecca. Here is a map to find your parents so she went home to pack and off she went to find her parents. She asked everyone if they had the last name Redford when she asked these people and their last name was Redford and she said mum dad!  
They lived happily.💋💋

My Waka art

                      My Waka Art

This is my Waka Art but first here is my wake 

Hi my name is Reese and I am here to tell you about my waka art I have trees,flowers and a bird in it because it represents nature and animals. In the sky I have all my favourite things like hockey,Rugby,hand ball,soccer and cricket. I have the eiffel tower because I like Paris. I like Paris  because it is beautiful and I like the Eiffel tower.