Friday, 11 August 2017


On first week of the holidays it was a Thursday afternoon when mum said we are going to Flip Out. With brigit,macksmis and Noah. When we first got there I was so excited. I first went on the trampoline where you jump into a big pit of soft sponges I went on it 10 times then I climed a small block. Then jumped on a trampoline and into the small sponge pit after that I just went on the trampolines. I tried to get up a big block. I met some kids my age. About 4 of them were up but me and my new friend went on an edge of the trampoline and ran up to the block. Then we jumped. My friends grabbed my arm and tried to pull me up but it did not work. After 5 min we had to go home. 


  1. good job on your writing and I have been to flip out to

  2. well done Reese sounds like you had fun.
    P.S Anika

  3. Wow Reese, it looks like you had lots of by the photos and the amazing description.
    From Christina.

  4. Good work Reese I love Flip out too!!! it is amazing.I love how you added some photos of flip out that was cool good work. (=