Thursday, 8 September 2016

my learning blog post

          My learning blog post

This is my blog post it is my Colour poem.

Blue is the colour of ……..

1. A fresh blueberry picked from bush
2. A beautiful rose in a tree
3. Blue balloons flying in the air
4. A blue fish swimming in the water.
5. A blue butterfly flying in the air
6. And last but not least the calm sea peacefully splashing and splashing at my sand castle.   

Purple is the colour of……….

1. a Beautiful rose on a bush
2. A yummy cupcake out of the oven
3. Fresh m and m from the shop
4. A purple crayon from out of a box
5. A purple ice cream so yummy and so sweet
6. Purple shoes clean from the box.  

and that is my colour poem my favourite poem is the blue because blue is my favourite and I worked really hard on it.

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