Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My Holiday blog post.

                   MY HOLIDAYS

In the holidays I went to Anika's house for a sleepover. When I got there we went to Clive pools for a swim do you know that I went in the deep end in the big pool for the first time. Then me and Anika saw Deegan and Liam but it did't mater so we just keep on playing. Also after 10 minis Cameron and Oscar w come to Clive pools with each other. we went by the counter and we got to choose any ice cream on a stick or an ice block and I got a chocolate ice cream. Then we went home when we got home we played snakes and ladders. For the 1st round I won for the 2nd I won and for the 3rd Anika won this time. Also we went to Anika's Aunty's house to play for a little bit so Anika's mum can talk to her Aunty. After 10 minis we left to go get fish and cips for dinner. Then we had to go to bed for the night when I woke up breakfast was all ready to go we only got a little bit to play.then it was time to leave to Taupo.   

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